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The 8 Bells Story

Many pubs have decades if not centuries of heritage behind them – but not ours!

If you’re looking for a traditional wood-panelled pub, offering classic pub grub and cosy armchairs…then you’ve come to the wrong place!

Here at the Eight Bells we’re proud to be different. We don’t believe in the stuffy sentimentalists view of ‘how pubs should be’, we believe that pubs can beĀ anything you want them to be. After all, if you’ve got a pint in your hand and someone to talk to, you may as well call where you’re sitting a pub – we approached the development with this in mind and we’re pretty happy with where we’ve arrived at as a result.

Back in 2017, Matt Bulmer (no relation to the cider maker!) and Neil Wilmslow were just two regular working Joes with the humble dream of owning a pub. Matt was bored to death of his job as an accountant, he resented spending endless hours stuck behind his desk staring at a screen and longed for the freedom of owning his own business, preferably in an industry that he knew he was passionate about. Neil was in a slightly different position at the time. An experienced chef of 15 years, Neil had felt that he had plateaued in his career. Despite having loved his job for many years, he no longer felt the familiar thrill in an evening dinner service, he needed to spice up his life.

After putting their heads together over a few pints they put together a plan to open a pub that championed what they believed a pub should be. It was an ambitious plan and arguably risky, especially considering that this would be Matt and Neil’s first ever venture together as business owners.

Thankfully – it paid off!