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Meet the Team

Our team exemplify the values of the 8 Bells.

We’re proud of the team that we’ve trained and built over the last year or so.

They understand the thought process that our owners Matt and Neil went through before opening up shop. They know that in order to deliver on our owners’ vision they need to approach their roles less as jobs and more like vocations. We don’t try and kid ourselves or our staff. We understand that nobody everĀ dreamsĀ of working in a pub for the rest of their lives and we fully support our members of staff re-training or changing roles so that they can live fulfilled roles. All that we ask of our staff is that when they’re at work, they’re present, engaged and enthusiastic!

This our current all-star lineup that we’re proud to call our team:

Charlie, David, Susan, Dawson – Waiting Staff

We don’t know what we’d do without our waiting team. They’re the first people you see when you walk through the door and also the ones who’ll be waving you off at the end of your time with us. Charlie and David started at the same time, they’re as thick as thieves and we’re lucky to have them. Susan and Dawson are both newbies, so if you see them drop some cutlery try not to stare at them – they’re only just starting!

Neil – Head Chef & Owner

Our big man with the plan, Neil loves cheffing especially when he’s allowed to complete creative control over the kitchen’s output. You’ll find him executing orders 3 evening shifts a week, whilst during the day he’ll be training staff or coming up with some tasty new concoctions for the ever changing menu.

Tom, Abdu, Leena, Jeff – Chef Team

Every good pub needs an excellent kitchen team; a well-oiled machine that can guarantee stability and solid cooking throughout each shift, regardless of how busy or hectic it gets. Our current team is a mixed bag of seasoned pros and young guns, keen to prove themselves. We’d be lying if we said there wasn’t some friction at times between them, but that’s how great things are made!

Matt – Bar Manager & Owner

Co-owner Matt loves a pint almost as much as he loves his motorbike – of course he never mixes the two. Part of Matt and Neil’s vision was to run a pub which had the perfect balance of drink and food, where both worked in harmony, complimenting each other where possible. Matt achieves this balance by ordering small quantities of beer to sit alongside the changing beer, guaranteeing

Charlene, Darren – Bar Staff

Our charming bar staff like a good drink almost as much as they like making a good drink – which is probably the way that it should be. Both are proficient in mixology and have even taken a couple of cocktail flaring courses, although Matt’s yet to let them toss around any of our spirits…