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Kitchen Maintenance: New Course

We’re pleased to announce a brand new course that champions hygiene and maintenance in the kitchen.

In order to keep up with the rigorous Health & Safety and Food Hygiene standards expected of a professional establishment we’ve all learnt how to keep a close eye over everything related to kitchen maintenance.

Here at the 8 Bells we believe firmly in the notion that domestic kitchens should run on the same guiding principles as commercial kitchens. Personal hygiene should, of course, be a paramount concern for the person cooking, but attention also must be paid to your kitchen itself. Cooking decent restaurant standard food requires more than just quality ingredients and techniques – if your kitchen isn’t up to Health & Safety standards, the end product will not be worth eating.

So let’s break down the topics that we’ll be covering in our upcoming course, taken by our chefs Abdu and Leena:

Personal Hygiene

The first thing we teach any of our new starters here at the 8 Bells is basic Personal Hygiene. It sounds condescending, but you’d be surprised how many people have a fundamentally flawed understanding of how hygiene should be implemented in the kitchen environment. We believe that it starts and ends with the individual, so we’ll start our course by showing you how to best prepare yourself for cooking professionally.

Cooking Clean

Once you’re done learning about how to keep yourself clean, the next job is to learn about how you can keep your kitchen clean. Any chef worth their salt will know that performing a thorough clean down of their station is imperative should they wish to guarantee that their food remains bacteria-free. We’ll show you how we prepare our surfaces and teach you how to stay on top of bacteria in your kitchens at home. It’s worth investing in these practical skills now so that you’ll be able to reap the benefits, when it comes to giving your oven a proper deep clean.

Kitchen Maintenance

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the home, so it should come as no surprise that it’s also the room that is most likely to break down. Whether it’s an oven that won’t heat up or a dishwasher in need of a new part, these are the appliances that receive the most abuse which is why we perform regular checks on all of them. We’ll show you how to perform basic repairs so that malfunctioning appliances can be fixed, whether it’s a Belling oven door or simply a gas hob knob. Don’t forget that the walls and doors of your kitchen should be in good repair too, your kitchen should be a safe place to work so having clean, wipe-friendly walls and contemporary interior doors is a priority.

Food Safety

Of course, the meals you cook are only ever going to be as good as the food that you keep. Beyond looking at the best before date, the average person is often ignorant of how to properly store food. There are different rules for each food group, so we’re going to spend some time going over each of them so that you can be confident in preparing the most diverse ingredients for your friends and family. We’ll even give you an insight into how we keep our food, so that you can emulate our best practice back at home.

Keep an eye out on our events board to see when we’ll be holding our next Kitchen Maintenance course and make sure to book early as the spots are bound to go quickly!