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June’s Food & Beer Pairings

We’re firm believers in drinking responsibly.

That means drinking water after each pint, taking your time and eating constantly.

We’ve already given our regular customers a little sneak peak at what we’ve got in store for summer and the feedback has been uniformly excellent, then again who doesn’t respond positively to free food?! As ever we’ve ensured that our new food offerings have been developed with beer-drinking in mind. We’re a beer lovers pub and (although our bar stocks all other kinds of booze) all of our food is intended to be nibbled on with a pint or two as an accompaniment.

Matt has dutifully spent the Winter previewing the Summer beers selection, a task we know he’s relished. He’s visited beer festivals, taken ‘business trips’ to America and has spent many an evening brainstorming food combos with Neil. After months of work, he’s ready to reveal the first 4-beer lineup which will be rolled out at the start of June, along with our brand new summer menu.

“For me, summer is all about making the most of those long days and by making the most of them I mean settling into some serious all-day pub sessions. We have some truly excellent beers to get summer started at The 8 Bells including some well-established English beer and even a couple of Yank brews that are sure to call your taste-buds to attention. Neil and I are really happy with the food pairings we’ve created to go with these stellar drinks, we hope you enjoy exploring them as much as we enjoyed creating them!”

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

Most beer enthusiasts have heard of Brooklyn Brewery, their Brooklyn Lager is often cited as one of the beers to have popularised American beers internationally, however many people haven’t tried their Chocolate Stout. Traditionally brewed and drank during the winter, our Neil reckons this beer deserves a place in the sun for a change. Best drunk after a big meal, this 10% ABV beverage packs a real punch and is best served with our new and improved Strong Cheese Board.

Otter Ale

Head to the bar at Glastonbury or the Reading and Leeds festivals and you’ll probably see the friendly Otter logo poking it’s head up – Neil first sampled this timeless ale at Beautiful Days festival in Devon, just a stone’s throw away from where it’s brewed in Ottery. He fell in love with this beer so much that he ended up taking a barrel back to the pub with him that weekend. Try a pint or two with our new Scotch Pickled Egg to see what all the fuss is about.

Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale

A good quality blonde ale should balance smooth maltiness with a bitter tang that ensures a crisp clean finish.

That’s exactly what Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale does and at a strength of 5% it can be slowly sipped throughout the day without the need of a medical team on standby.

Grab a cold pint of this refreshing Oregon-made beer and enjoy it with either our new Thai Sharing Platter or a bowl of in-house Bombay Mix.