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Update & Renovation Time!

The time has come for us to throw on a lick of paint and smash through a few walls.

Before the summer season begins in earnest we thought it would be a good idea to make a few alterations to the pub, so that we can best deal with the increased demands of what we’re expecting to be our busiest season yet.

When the pub was first purchased 2 years ago, Neil and Matt barely had enough cash left over to buy any booze in. Since then they’ve tried their very best to invest back into the 8 Bells, but that’s often taken the form of creating new events or training staff, rather than making any real changes to the building itself.

Whilst we’re well aware that our regular clientele visit us for the beer and food rather than the decor, but there comes a point in every pub’s life when it can no longer be described as ‘shabby chic’. Although we’ve tried our very best to dress the place up over the past two years, the truth is that we’ve been putting this off for a while.

To minimise disruption to service as much as possible we’ve ordered work to be completed over the course of the next Monday to Thursday, so we should be back up and running by the weekend.

Here’s a run down of what’s changing so you can compliment us on how well we’ve done the next time you’re in:

Kitchen Upgrades

Participants in our kitchen maintenance or cookery courses will notice the fancy black non-slip flooring tiles as well as the handy serving hatch, allowing our chefs to serve food straight to the pub garden and saving our waiters’ legs.

A new dedicated charcoal grill will also save us the trouble of setting up a BBQ outside, so we can invite more people in to the pub garden and make it safe for your pets and children – this has also meant that we need to install a brand new kitchen extractor fan.


We understand that there’s a long-running heritage associated with upholstering pubs like ours in traditional leather, but we are anything but traditional and do you know how expensive leather is?!

Anyway considering the tatty state of a lot of the seating we’ve decided to opt for a washable plain-brushed flat weave that should provide a cosy comfortable seat during winter, whilst avoiding the stickiness that leather so often gives.

Pub Garden Improvements

Speaking of our pub garden, we’re proud to announce that we’ve made some big changes to our outside area that should make drinking and dining there much more enjoyable. We’ll be burning our nasty old furniture and replacing them with rows of smart rugged picnic benches that will provide this area with more seating and a community-friendly vibe, perfect for making some new friends and sharing some of our tasty new food!

We’ve spent a long time working up the courage (and saving the cash) to do these renovations and we really hope you enjoy them once they’re done.

Please bear with us whilst we close our doors for the next few days – we’ll be back up and running very soon!

New Food Coming Your Way

We love Summer grub more than anything else…

For a few precious months we can cram happy drinkers into our tiny pub garden, the beer flows steadily and we can get more adventurous with our food offerings.


During winter our menu tends to give the customer exactly what they want. We’re talking rich, stodgy goodness that delivers on comfort and certainly doesn’t skimp on calories. By the time the Summer comes around we understand that our food needs to reflect the changing demands of the customer. Just like no one likes the idea of pulling a woolly jumper on when they hit the beach, no one wants a steaming pile of sausage and mash on a hot summer’s day.

Last year we made a big splash with our sharing platters, providing drinkers with enough variety to allow them to eat around the world, all whilst avoiding the kind of stodge that only serves to bog down an afternoon’s drinking session. This year the sharing platters are coming back, but we’ve taken on board your advice and can now offer them for 2, 4 or 6 people. In addition to adapting the quantities of our platters we’ve also developed a couple more concepts that we can’t wait to show off to you.

Get yo snack on.

If you’re not quite up to tackling one of our platters, but find that you’re getting a little peckish whilst you’re here then you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve got a whole new range of bar snacks for you to smash into your gobs. Part of Matt and Neil’s original vision was to offer affordable pub snacks that were a cut above the average. You’ll still be able to get a standard pack of crisps, but we’re also happy to offer our own blend of Bombay Mix, an in-house Scotch-Pickled Egg and a rather special Sausage Roll that is sure to be a daily sell-out.

Our bar snacks have been designed to work in tandem with the selection of summery brews that will be gracing our bar this summer. Matt’s been hard at work scheduling the ale deliveries for the upcoming weeks, ensuring that each and every keg blends seamlessly with the Specials board and bar snacks we’ll be introducing in the coming weeks. Come on in during the next fortnight to get a free taste of what’s to come.

Involve yourself.

Fancy trying your hand at recreating our dishes this summer? We’re opening up our kitchens to the public for a string of workshops this summer giving budding cooks the opportunity to see how we create our popular platters and bar snacks. Once we’ve shown you how, we’ll turn the kitchen over to you and see how you fare sending a few orders out yourself, just be warned: our head chef will beat the pass and won’t be sending out any food that’s below standard!

Keep an eye out on our events board to see when we’ll be holding these events and don’t hesitate to book early as these spots are bound to disappear fast!